Daniel Anhut




Berlin-based photographer, Anhut, constructs atmospheric allegories of loss and disappearance by capturing real, abandoned buildings and creating fictional, narrative moments that touch on the fundamental issue of transience. His darkly monochrome work captures abandoned or decaying rooms and spaces, now seemingly devoid of any function, and transforms them into new stories as captured through his ambiguous lens, thus inviting the viewer to use their own imagination and resonate with the transient stories held within each scene. For Anhut, the unapproachable, uncanny beauty he has no access to informs his work, he says, “So all of what remains for me is the traces of transience that I can deal with. I am interested in the left-over traces of something that existed and is no longer there, in order to create something new out of it before it disappeared into nothingness.” At times, characters appear within Anhut’s imaginatively staged settings; strange beings which are obscure, blurred and sometimes only just shadows of themselves – as shadowy as the rooms they have been left behind in.





Exhibitions, Art Fairs

2018 Antumbra - Absence and Shadows, BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2018 MIA Photo Fair (Art Fair) - The Mall - Mailand

2018 That's my work (Group) - Kulturfabrik Moabit - Berlin

2018 Art of Photography (Group) - ORMS School of Photography - Kapstadt

2018 Der Klang der Stille (Solo) - Stadtbibliothek Marzahn-Hellersdorf - Berlin

2018 Fascinating Lights (Group) - Espaço Cultural Mercês - Lissabon

2017 Stille (Solo) - El Almacén de Fausto - Berlin

2017 Der Klang der Stille (Solo) - Stadtbibliothek Steglitz - Berlin

2017 Contemporary Art Ruhr (Art Fair) - Zollverein Zeche - Essen

2017 Black & White (Group) - Galeria6mas1 - Madrid

2017 MIA Photo Fair (Art Fair) - The Mall - Mailand

2017 Berlin Dich, Group Show, Galerie Bianco A Nero, Berlin, Germany

2016 1st Thessaloniki Art Fair, TIF Helexpo, Thessaloniki, Greece

2016 Der Klang der Stille, Solo Show, Frollein Langner, Berlin, Germany

2016 C.A.R. - Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany

2016 Der Klang der Stille, Solo Show, Loislane, Berlin, Germany

2016 Street Level Photography, Group Show, Exhibition Tour, Italy

2016 XXS Size Summer Edition, Group Show, BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany

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