Nele Ouwens




Nele Ouwens' paintings drift between realism, magic realism and surrealism and evolve from an eclectic process of collecting and combining references. Nele’s motifs originate from different sources including her own observations, dreams and personal history as well as impulses from popular culture, art and everyday life. Her subjects include vast landscapes, human figures, animals and objects – through careful combination she creates striking moods and works that allow for identification and speculation at the same time. Nele’s works contain notions of the sublime in landscapes, of solitude and contemplation in the depiction of the human figure and of quirkiness and mystery in her combinations of subjects. She currently lives and works in Berlin.





1981 born in Duisburg, Germany

2006 Master’s degree in Art history, Theater studies and politics, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany

2007 lived and worked in Bremen, Germany

2011 lives and works in Berlin, Germany

2015 co-founded BBA Gallery

2017 member of Gedok association for female artists


2019 Poetics of Change, Fann A Porter Gallery, Dubai UAE

2018 Exchange Berlin, Kühlhaus Berlin, Germany

2017 BBA17, BBA, Berlin Germany

2017 Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.), Essen, Germany

2017 Castles in the air, Schloss Lekow, Poland

2017 Neuaufnahmen, Gedok Galerie, Berlin Germany

2016 Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.), Essen, Germany

2016 XXS, Group Show, BBA, Berlin, Germany

2016 Far Off Art Fair, Cologne, Germany

2015 XXS, Group Show, BBA, Berlin, Germany

2015 If Yesterday Were Today, Group Show, Bel Canto Gallery Barga, Italy / BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany / Apiary Studios, London, UK

2014 Emerging Artists, Group Show, The Ballery, Berlin, Germany

2013 Identify, Group Show, Cellar Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2013 Macht Kunst, Group Show, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Alte Münze, Berlin, Germany

2013 Anonyme Zeichner, Group Show, Kunstverein Tiergarten/Galerie Nord, Berlin, Germany

2012 Jahresausstellung, Group Show, Kunsthalle Weissensee, European Creative Center, Berlin, Germany

2011 Unterwegs, Solo Show, Jugendherberge an der Weser, Bremen, Germany

2010 WerderReise, Solo Show mit Delia Nordhaus, Weserterrassen, Bremen, Germany

2009 Von ganzem Herzen, Solo Show, Frauenmuseum, Bremen, Germany

2008 Kaufhaus Kunst, Bremen, Germany

2007 Kaufhaus Kunst, Bremen, Germany

2006 St-Vinzenz Galerie, Solo Show, Dinslaken, Germany

2006 Filmstills, Solo Show, Orlando, Bochum, Germany


2019 Harper’s Bazaar Magazin, Arabia Spring Issue

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