Stine Nielsen Ljungdalh




Dr. Stine Nielsen Ljungdalh is an artist working conceptually across the disciplines of print, mixed media, photography and installations. Her practice centers on meta-fiction as a method of addressing different notions of the event (and ultimately of creation, in a broader sense), inspired by perspectives from philosophy, science and alchemy.

Her method involves the on-going creation of an alchemical theatre, a parallel fictitious world, called “The Zone”. “The Zone” which is inhabited by fictional personas and organisations, is built as a ‘diagram’ based on a non-linear timeframe. All inhabitants of the Zone are concerned with one thing: the notion of the event, both in terms of the reshaping of structures and new meanings, but also on a metaphysical level to configure the very birth of the universe, thus presenting an alternative historic time line, where important events in history might also arise from a feminist perspective, where research and discoveries by women and men are equally valid.





Born: Aarhus / Denmark

Lives and works: Copenhagen / Denmark

2016 PhD of Arts Fine Art Kingston University London / UK

2005 Master of Arts Fine Art Royal College of Art London / UK

1999 Bachelor of Arts Fine Art Falmouth College of Art London / UK

Exhibitions (Recent Selection)

2017 Contemporary Art Ruhr, Art Fair, Essen, Germany

2017 Silver, BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2016 The Charlotte Bergson: The Hunters of The Invisible, Solo Show, Stanly Pecker Gallery, London

2015 Mørkekammer, (Darkroom), curated by Tomas Lagermand Lundme at the Hilledrød Library and The Karen Blixen Museum, Denmark; with the work “Hexen” af PS/Pulsk Ravn and Stine Ljungdalh

2015 Plague of Diagrams, ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, England; invites for a ritual by Charlotte Bergson.

2015 Våbenhvile 100 års forestillinger (2015) Overgaden. Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark; with Charlotte Bergson

2014 Gaming Gaming, New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen, Denmark; with Charlotte Bergson

2013 Other Fictions, Photographic Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark; with Charlotte Bergson

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