Terms & conditions

BBA Photography Prize 2019

  1. Applicant must be over 18 years old to enter the competition.

  2. There are no restrictions based on age, training or nationality.

  3. Artist must not have exclusive representation with another gallery.

  4. Artist must be the owner and the work(s) submitted are of their own origination. The artist must hold all moral and intellectual property rights.

  5. The image submitted must accurately portray the artwork.

  6. We recommend that the artist take out an insurance to cover the artwork for the transportation.

  7. The application fee for the submission is non-refundable.

  8. We do not issue invoices for entry payments. You will receive a receipt via email after you have successfully made your payment.

  9. Early bird applicants must send in their information and upload their artwork until latest August 2 midnight.

  10. BBA reserves the right to reject applications of work that are deemed unsuitable for exhibition, be it explicit or antagonising, at our discretion.

  11. Curation will be done by BBA Gallery. Production and presentation format will be agreed between curators, White Wall and the artist.

  12. Artist confirms to have high resolution files of the photo-work ready and to send them according to the curational decision latest by 13th of September 2019

  13. Production costs of the artworks incl. frames will be covered by the Sponsor WhiteWall.

  14. All work submitted must be available exclusive for sale throughout the exhibition and four weeks after if sales are made through BBA Gallery We ask for exclusivity throughout this period, meaning the artwork can only be sold through BBA. After this period the artwork and the right to sell will go to the artist.

  15. BBA will take payment from the buyer of the artwork and, once payment is received, will pay the artist minus 40% commission on total sale price. Gallery will receive 40% commission of the retail price, with 60% going to the artist.

  16. By submitting artwork you will be giving BBA gallery permission to use this in their promotional material for this current project. All selected artists give permission that images from the opening and the exhibition can be used for future promotion by the gallery. The rights for each artwork stay with the artist.

  17. The applicant agrees that their email data will be used by BBA and their sponsors to inform them about future opportunities, updates and news.

  18. We ask you, the artist and applicant, to arrange the collection of the artwork should you be selected for the exhibition. You must collect the artwork within 28 days of the exhibition closing or arrange a return posting. We will pack the artwork after the exhibition ready for collection or posting. Cost has to be covered by the artist.

  19. By entering work into the open call, shortlisted artists agree to be contacted at any point pre and during the exhibition. Please ensure you provide us with correct email addresses and telephone numbers and notify us should these change.

  20. Artist agrees to try their best to be present during the opening event on the 9th of October 2019.

  21. Shortlisted artist will be required to read carefully and agree to the exhibition participation agreement detailing their obligations for being shortlisted/exhibited and promoted.

  22. The winner will receive a second contract for the solo shows.

  23. BBA can not accept any entries without correct submission or after the deadline.

  24. Submission deadline is 5th of September midnight 2019

  25. Relatives of the jury members or any artists already affiliated with BBA Gallery cannot apply.