Renata Kudlacek




Renata Kudlacek is a mixed media artist, specializing in fine art photography and print media. Her work has been exhibited widely across Europe whilst actively working for various art and education initiatives including project management and curation. She is currently part of the Art and Ethics research group at the University of Edinburgh.

Renata critically uses re-enactment, the aftermath of historic scenes in order to look back and make the construction of memory and storytelling visible. Much of her recent work relates to the centuries old discussion, which raises the question of life and its origin- the constant challenge between old standards and the new science that requires constant revision. Aesthetic experience is closely related to ethical experience. The use of symbolic motives of flowers, butterflies, snakes etc. within traditional interpretation and mythologies is integral to her work.





Born: Zabreh / Czech Republic

Lives and works: Berlin / Germany

2005 Master of Arts Fine Art Royal College of Art London / UK

2003 Post Graduate Diploma Fine Art Chelsea College of Art London / UK

2001 Bachelor of Arts Fine Art East London University London / UK

2015 co-founder BBA Gallery

2018 member of GEDOK association

Exhibitions, Art Fairs (Selection)

2019 Poetics of Change, Fann A Porter Gallery, Dubai, VAE

2018 Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize, London, UK

2017 BBA17, Group Show , BBA Gallery , Berlin, Germany

2017 Appealing to the Populous, Art and Science Group Show, Berlin Science Week, Humboldt University, Germany

2017 Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.), Die Innovative Kunstmesse, Essen, Germany

2017 Field works , Art & Ethics Research group, BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2016 Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.), Die Innovative Kunstmessen, Essen, Germany

2016 100x Madonna, Group Show, St Pankras Gallery, London, UK

2016 Far Off Art Fair, Cologne, Germany

2016 IAB - World Congress of Bioethics, Art & Ethics Group Show, Edinburgh, UK

2015 Missbehaviour, Group Show, Art Pavilion, London, UK

2015 If Yesterday were today, Group Show, Bel Canto Gallery Barga, Italy / BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany / Apiary Studio, London, UK

2014 GamingGaming, Group Show, New Shelter Plan Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 ELP Show, Group Show, Embassy Tea Gallery, London, UK

2014 East meets West, Group Show, Gallery 286, London, UK

2013 I remember you, Group Show, INTHEGALLERY, Copenhagen, Denmark

2013 Going Underground, Group Show, Shoreditch Gallery, London, UK

2012 Printathon, Group Show, Foreman’s Smokehouse Gallery, London, UK

2012 Tlon – Olympia, Exhibition, South London Gallery, London, UK

2011 Cass Art Prize, Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, London, UK

2011 Bite, Group Show, Mall Galleries, London, UK

2010 Lost in Translation, Group Show, Czech Centre, Riverside Studio, London, UK

2010 Mein Vater ist kein tschechischer Fotograf, Solo Show, Kulturzentrum Frankfurt, Germany

2010 Deutsche Bank – Group Show, Frankfurt, Germany

2009 Instant Melancholia, Group Show, Raum 121, Frankfurt, Germany

2009 Know your Place, Alternative Art & Fashion Week, Toronto, Canada

2008 Letter from a distant shore, Group Show Orbero Konsthallen, Sweden

2008 One Minute, Film & Video Festival, Aarau, Switzerland

2007 Through the looking Glass, Group Show, Docklands, London, UK

2007 Still Moving, Deviant Art Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden


2018 shortlisted for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize, London, UK

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